Tiling as a Strategy to Get Area

When dealing with strategy to get areas, there are different solutions to solve for the unknown. Area mainly deals with the space covered and surrounded by the perimeter. Everything has an area: the bed you sleep in, the mirror you look at, the desk you write on, and even the screen you use for your […]

Interacting through the Commutative and Distributive Properties

We all know that multiplication can be learned in various ways whether it be by solving it visually through array models or equal groups, or by simply using repeated addition. Teaching math to our students with different strategies has endless permutations. Let us truly remember that teaching math to our students should always be engaging […]

Get Wet While Measuring Liquid Volume!

We encounter liquids all the time. To introduce measuring liquid volume to your students, you may start by asking them what usual ways they encounter liquids. Some may answer that liquid is found in the oceans and seas. Yes! Some may even answer that liquid is experienced when you take a shower or swim in […]

Introducing Multiplication Using Arrays in Everyday Objects

You might be wondering how you can teach your students to master multiplying single-digit numbers and have even heard of multiplication using arrays. Suppose you were asked by your student what multiplication is; you can explain that it is one of the four basic mathematical operations wherein you repeatedly combine the same values until you […]