Decomposing fractions to show equivalence

Decomposing Fractions to Show Equivalence 

Decomposing fractions is one of the most interesting and fun lessons to teach in 4th grade, thanks to the many games and fun activities that math teachers can enrich their lessons with. Yet, it’s not infrequent that educators and homeschooling parents struggle with teaching this topic, especially in cases where children have gaps in foundational […]

find whole number quotients and remainders

Teach Kids How to Find Whole Number Quotients and Remainders

In the fourth grade, students learn how to perform division with remainders. This includes learning how to find whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors. To do so, they rely on their knowledge of place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship between multiplication and division. Although this may […]

area model division 4th grade

Teaching Area Model Division to 4th Graders

Learning long-division can be challenging for fourth graders. Luckily, there’s the area model division (4th grade) to the rescue! Also referred to as the Box Method, this is a great method for children to become fluent in long division. So if you’re wondering how to teach area model division to your 4th-grade students, we’ve complied […]

multiplication word problems grade 4

Teaching Multiplication Word Problems (Grade 4)

Students often wonder why they’re learning a given math concept and word problems come in handy to help them realize the practical application of what is being taught. However, teaching word problems can be challenging, both for teachers and students. This is why we’ll share simple tips on teaching multiplication word problems (grade 4) for […]

multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers

Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers by Two-Digit Numbers

Once children are comfortable with multiplying two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers, they can go on to learn the multiplication of two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers. There are a number of ways in which teachers can help children become fluent in performing two-digit number multiplications. This article describes simple strategies to do so. Read on to […]

activities to practice multi-digit whole number subtraction

Activities to Practice Multi-Digit Whole Number Subtraction

In the fourth grade, children begin to do arithmetic with multi-digit numbers, including subtracting multi-digit whole numbers. Teachers do their best to engage a 4th grader’s attention while practicing multi-digit number subtraction but may notice that sometimes their mind wanders. If you’re a teacher looking to create an engaging classroom to help children with multi-digit […]

activities to practice multi-digit whole number subtraction

Multi-Digit Whole Number Addition

Children begin adding and subtracting in kindergarten and gradually build their understanding through the first three grades. In the fourth grade, they’re already starting to employ the standard addition algorithm to accurately and quickly add multi-digit whole numbers. If you’re a teacher, you may be wondering how to best guide your students toward mastery of […]

rounding multi-digit whole numbers

Rounding Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

In grade 3, children familiarize themselves a bit with rounding a given number to the closest 10 or 100 by applying their place value knowledge. In grade 4, they start learning the benefits of rounding to any place value and become comfortable with rounding multi-digit whole numbers to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, or hundred […]

Math activities for preschoolers

15 Amazing Math Activities for Preschoolers

Research indicates that learning math early contributes to better math achievements later in school and even better achievement in literacy. The same study points out that the most predictive thing for later success in school is entering school with math skills. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 15 amazing math activities for preschoolers that will […]

teach place value for kids

How to Teach Place Value to 4th Graders

Place value is arguably one of the most important math concepts in the curricula of elementary school. As early as grade one, children start to recognize place value in numerals beyond 20. By grade four, students should have developed a solid understanding of place value in higher numbers, including three-digit numbers. Thus, they should be […]

math activities for middle school

13 Fun and Educational Math Activities for Middle School

When students start middle school, they leap into a brand new math realm. For many children, the size of the newly acquired math schoolbook, along with the increased workload will seem intimidating. As a middle school math teacher or educator, you’d naturally want to facilitate this tricky transition to ‘tweenhood’ math and help your students. […]

how to help my child with math at home

How to Help My Child With Math at Home?

Even if your child is nimble with numbers, at one point or another, they might struggle with math in school. These math struggles will not only affect children, teachers, and educators but also, another critical group – parents, who may find themselves wondering with a voice laden with exasperation: “How to help my child with math at […]

Math games to play at home

15 Fun Math Games to Play at Home

It’s no secret that math has gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years because many children simply see it as boring. And let’s be honest, not many of us remember those timed multiplication drills with a lot of fondness, right? But is there a way to change that? Well, you can simply […]

Help kids learn learn multiplication tables

How to Help Kids Learn Multiplication Tables

Teaching multiplication tables is a struggle for many teachers, educators, and homeschooling parents. This should not come as a surprise, since multiplication is the first arithmetic operation where the sensory-motor experience of using your fingers for equations is no longer an option, and thus the first abstract arithmetic operation that children come across. To help […]

Teach kids number sequences and patterns

How to Teach Kids Patterns and Sequences

Observing the relationship of number patterns over a given period of time is what allows scientists to make educated guesses, and is at the heart of making mathematical pattern analyses. Understanding patterns will open doors for your students to understand more complex mathematical operations, but also, improve their ability to understand the world. This is why, in […]

teaching math to students with autism

Teaching Math to Students With Autism

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a teacher at a school, if you have at least one student with autism, it’s possible that you’re struggling to fully meet their needs. In fact, one survey conducted by the charity Ambitious About Autism indicates that as many as 60% of teachers in England felt they lacked appropriate preparation […]